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Friday, September 16, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

Last night, I went out to watch the A's game! Yep, it was my first time. I got some free tickets to go see the ball game. It was Oakland A's vs Detroit Tigers. Go Oakland A's! So upon arrival, we got ourselves a free voucher for a free hot dog. Yay! Not a lot of people since it was a Thursday night game. Nice experience, pretty cold. 

So if you ever want to bring food in you can (I believe), we brought in some chex mix. The only thing you cannot bring is cans of soda and glass bottoms. One of the security dude told us that if we ever want to bring drinks in just put them in plastic bottles and you can bring that in.

The most amusing part was probably where people had those clean the dirt things to even the dirt  =D

The grand stadium at the Oakland Coliseum
We're an hour late lol..missed the first game
That's my view from where I sat
A zoom in on the game
A Victorious game
Good job A's!
A's win win win scoreboard

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