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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Not Thanksgiving yet

Big surprise today when I opened the door. Guess what I saw? Some WILD TURKEYS! How often do you open your door, about to get into your car, and you see some turkeys walking across the lawn?! I ran back inside to get my camera to get some close footage of these wild creatures. I assume they were turkeys, if not, they really reassemble them. Gobble gobble.

Omg! A wild turkey!

Not just one, but a family. Papa, mama, and baby turkey.

And there they go. Happily gobbling.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Messy lunch: Boiling Crab!

I went to Boiling crabs in Sacramento today! It was my very first time trying it, although I did try Rockin' Crawfish before in Oakland. The atmosphere was nice there. I did not expect the waiters to come behind us and start tying our boiling crab bibs!

We had:
- 4lbs. of shrimp with the whole sha-bang seasoning $9.99/lb
- 1lb of crawfish $ 9.99/lb (My first time trying this delicacy. It took me awhile to start chomping on it...I used to have a pet crawfish, which makes it so much harder!)
- Cajun Fries $2.99 (YUMMY, would go there just to get the fries! It's that good.)
- Fried Calamari $9.99?(Why do they look like onion rings?! very deceiving...)

Came out to be approximately $12.00 bucks per person. Very very reasonable and satisfying lunch. 

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to share this time due to the degree of messiness I had.