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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Like any other day, I wake up early in the morning, get dress and walk to the bus stop waiting upon the arrival of my bus that will bring me on campus. I sit in lecture dozing off a couple times but manage to stay awake majority of the time, only to realize that by the end of the class, I cannot recall a thing that I just learned. And then about a couple days before the midterms, I start cramming for the material with the over consumption of caffeine (not coffee but some healthy tea, although over indulgence rules that one off). Later test results comes in and finds myself did better than expected (although that is not always the case).

To get on point, my thought of college has come to me as a requirement for a decent job. No, not one of the cashiers at MCD or your typical server at Starbucks (not that it is not considered decent) but something far more solid --- maybe plays a more important role in the local community. 

As I have remembered correctly in one of my economics class that college degrees nowadays does not mean a thing anymore (I mean, it certainly still does, but having it doesn't put you in a safe spot either) as it did "back in the days". A college degree is like that once of a high school degree: achieved but not overly successful. So what is the point of a college degree when it doesn't put you in a position of guaranteed satisfaction? As mentioned before, my economics professor claims that going to college is just to set you off from those that did not have the opportunity of obtaining higher education. Because many a times, a college graduate gives people an assumption of a more positive worker as to those that only obtain a high school diploma.

And then there is that agreement of how employers would base their choice of selection on an individuals' personality more on their resume. So all in all, as there are more people in the world, the greater the chance of students attending college, and the greater it is for people to seek even higher education like Masters degree or PhD's. 
I guess my point is stay in school, get the highest degree possible. To be honest, since I am in school right now, I do feel quite dull. 

Now back to some podcasting...

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