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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

American River Rafting

American River Rafting
It's not the whitewater rafting, don't get the wrong idea. Although, I do believe that whitewater rafting would have been a far more entertaining choice. If anyone gets a chance to be in the Sacramento area, I recommend checking it out. Normal price ~$30 per person or discounted to ~$16 per person, boats vary in sizes and the amount of people you bring. You pretty much drift down the river, my group was on the river for +4 hours. Very relaxing when you're just drifting. There are a few rapids but they're not too rough.

My advice: You can bring cameras on the boat, just make sure they're contained in Ziploc bags or something. We were informed that the river was rougher the day we went, in my opinion, it wasn't rough at all, so none of us bought camera abroad. No rafting pictures :(

Please be sure to wear sun screen or sunblock. I get tan when I stay in the sun too long, so I didn't get burn. However, if you're easily sunburn, I HIGHLY recommend putting some on. Most of my friends got sunburned, not a good sight to see. Their sunburn didn't really show until the end of the day or the next day, so just because you look fine when you were on the boat, doesn't mean the next day, you won't get that sunburn. You have been warned!

A welcome sign.

A nearby store for people who wants to buy last minute supplies including water guns before the raft.

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