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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Countdown of my freedom

Today was a rather sunny and warm day in Davis. It makes me want to go out and play in the grass, but nope, where am I? Stuck inside, studying my butt off. At the moment, I am sugar high from some thai tea (Yum), lacking sleep (still getting some 5 hours of sleep in the past week), mind full of pathways like glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, etc and at the same time anticipating my summer plans.

Summer plans include:
- 2 unpaid internship
I was hoping it to be paid, but I guess you can't get everything you want. But had it been paid, a little spending money wouldn't hurt.

- Waterworld
This is a MUST go trip. I have been anticipating for a water amusement park for so long. I want to go on all the tube-rides!

- Swimming
Summer is the only season that is warm enough for me to swim. I tend to get very cold easily and swimming in cold water makes it even worse. My apartment complex does not provide a heated pool or else I'll be jumping in there everyday. Joking, but you get what I mean.

- Reno trip
Heh...trying to gamble my luck.

- New Apartment
I'll be moving to a new place next year. I am also living with two guys and three girls. I really like the new place so I am really excited. As for my future housemates, hopefully everybody gets along and we will have a lot of fun and build new memories together.

- Go back home
I do not reside in Davis, but I do live in the Bay. Since its summer break, I want to go home, I miss my beloved family. I miss my hometown too! I going back to eat whole bunch of Dim-sum, apparently Davis does not have GOOD Chinese food. I want some viet-subs, those are the BEST! I want some pho. I want some sushi, not that Davis doesn't have enough sushi buffets already.

Yes, I do realized that my category of things to do is all consisted of food, but what can I say? I love eating!

OMG. I really need to get back to my studies. Au Revoir! It means bye in English, like you didn't already guess that :]

p.s. Rafting trip is added to summer list. YAY! RAFTING!!!!

p.s.s possible camping trip at Yosemite National Park!

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