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Friday, July 8, 2011


It's been awhile guys! I have been enjoying my super summer!
I have been doing things and going places, so I was pretty busy, but in a fun way.
It is extremely hot here in Davis and right now it is 97 degrees!! Can you imagine the heat without air condition?!

So as an update of my summer fun, I will begin with Reno.

In the end, we decided that renting a zipcar is the way to go!
It was a one night and two day trip.

And to the right we have the freeway sign. Why do I have this picture you might ask, probably because we were in a contest to see how fast we can snap pictures of the Reno sign. And trust me, there were more than 10 of those.

Once you drive for about an hour or so, you might see the snow mountains in the distant. Yep, its LAKE TAHOE and where people usually go to during the winter to have their snow trip.

You know you're near RENO when you start seeing these!

Here are some of the more well-known hotels in Reno, all around the same area:

Cal Neva is where I stayed at, which happens to be one of the further hotel, but still within the same area. If you happen to want to save some money on hotel, assuming that most of the time you would be exploring outside, Cal Neva is a great place to stay. I had no problems with them.

Here is Eldorado. I really liked the inside of Eldorado mainly because of the beautiful sculpture, "Fountain of Fortune". I highly recommend to full size the picture for a better view!

Here is Silver Legacy:

Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of Circus Circus, but I did go in and played ARCADE! Feels like I'm a kid again haha.

As for FOOD, we ate our meal at the smokin' gecko's BBQ. It was very fulfilling, I could not finish it even though I was really hungry. It was delicious, I feel like I could gain a few pounds from eating that. It was fairly cheap, $12.99 for a platter, not bad at all, for a great dinner.

Overall, a great trip even though I lost money at the casinos. I would advise people to just head to Las Vegas if you're mainly looking for casinos, bars, and more attractions. However, if you happen to live in the bay area and just want a small trip, Reno can be an alternative.

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